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Shipping Information
All shipping is made as soon as possible. For light items like the indian Chippewa Tea the shipping & handling is very expensive outside Romania. As a general rule it is cheapper to order more. For example, ordering 1 Chippewa Tea or 20 Chippewa teas for Spain costs the same: 25 Euro.

For heavy items like Kombucco Orientalis KITs it is also cheapper to order more then the orders shipped separately.

Fo major countryes the shipping & handling fees are calculated automatically by the shop. If the cart tells you "The total weight of your order it too high. Please contact us to see if we can make an alternative arrangement or reduce the amount of items in your basket." then shipping is not configured for your country. In this case please contact us at admin [at] and we will enable shipping fees for your country.

Shop currency
All orders are payable in Euro. The shop also estimates the price in US Dollars but your credit or debit card will be charged in Euro. Do not worry, if you have your credit/debit card in US Dollars, British pounds, Romanian LEI or any other currency. You will be able to buy from us. Your bank, the bank where you have your card from will convert your card currency into Euro automatically.

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  1. KIT Kombucco Orientalis Cancer Clear
    Economisiti 365.01
  2. KIT Kombucco Orientalis Smart Plus
    Economisiti 211.01
  3. KIT Kombucco Orientalis Super Slim
    Economisiti 193.01
  4. KIT Kombucco Orientalis Digestiv
    Economisiti 165.01
  5. KIT Kombucco Orientalis clasic
    Economisiti 150.01
  6. Chippewa vrac 600g
    Economisiti 15.01
  7. Chippewa bax 18 plicuri
    Economisiti 10.01
  8. Chippewa bax 9 plicuri
    Economisiti 1.09
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